A New Look! | Nashville, Tennessee Boudoir Photography

A new name, a new look and a new town! This is our very first blog post on our brand new website! We are so happy you are here! To view our older work please click here! 

We are Officially shooting in Nashville, Tennessee and I am absolutely in love with it! I have loved my time in Clarksville but I am a city girl at heart! Nashville has the best of both worlds. Stepping into our East Nashville shooting locations makes me artist heart sing! When we booked this space for our shoot I had no idea what to expect. All the little details I saw in photos caught my attention and the second we unlocked the door I knew shooting on location only would be the best decision I would ever make! 

Miss Tracy, our beautiful client, is also my hair Goddess! She has been rocking my hair since the beginning of this year and we have become fast friends.  I was SO excited when this single mom of 3!!! decided to book her session! I fully believe every woman needs to experience a day that is all about her and regaining confidence in herself.

We had so much fun choosing her outfits. Some are hers, some are from the client closet and she rocked all of them. She was worried about not fitting into this setting (She IS a Kenny Rogers fan and this space is a little rock n roll....) but as the shoot progressed it was like every room and setting was made just for her. Her beautiful personality and loving heart shine through in every photo. It almost made me want to cry to watch her come out of her shell and rock every pose. She even said she felt more comfortable during her shoot with us than she does in her every day life! Hopefully she can take that empowerment into the rest of her life and make it all that she wants! <3  <3