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I didn’t grow up confident, in fact I grew up very insecure.I started as a hair and makeup artist and fell in love with the physical and emotional transformation of a photoshoot. But getting in front of the camera slowly changed my life and when I decided to pick up a camera at 24 years old. I knew it was going to be to focus on helping other women learn to love themselves too - and my boudoir passion was born.

While we have so much fun during our sessions, my favorite part is afterward. The moment you come back for your reveal, glowing with a new confidence high. Seeing you love yourself deeper is why I do this job. All you need to do is get in touch and we’ll get started!

 Empower Women

Why I choose to 

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My Favs

favorite thing

favorite thing

favorite thing

Anything from decor to clothing.I want it all BLACK.

Signed, a former Emo Kid

Octopuses! Octopi? 
I love em! 
(Random, I know)

I love to travel -
Paris is my favorite place! 





My VIP group is simply a private closed group that consists of current, past, and future boudoir & portrait clients. It’s a safe space for you to ask questions and share inspirational images or stories, to collaborate and bond with other women who are just like you. The VIP group is free and a safe space where woman cheer each on and uplift one another! 


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getting ready

Are you getting ready for your empowering boudoir session? Unsure of how to prepare? Girl, I've got you covered. Click through the slides and make sure you check what you think is important off your list for your photoshoot. 

boudoir checklist

A great tip to prepare yourself for your empowerment boudoir photoshoot, is to write down exactly why you are doing this. 
Maybe it's to find self-love and to embrace your body or to give a milestone gift to your partner. Whatever the reason, your photoshoot is an amazing celebration of these reason, and you deserve it!

boudoir checklist

Make yourself a music playlist! Add all your favourite songs that you love and you can jam to during the photoshoot. Don't have a playlist, no worries.. I've got lots to choose from!

boudoir checklist

Feeling nervous before your photoshoot is completely normal. Words have a lot of power, so I highly recommend to come up with a mantra for yourself. Practice your affirmation in front of the mirror.  You can say something like-
"I am beautiful", or "I love my body".
Say it out loud, and believe it, because girl- it's definitely true!

boudoir checklist

Treat yourself to some new lingerie and model the heck out of it!
The more you feel comfortable in your outfits- the more your confidence will shine on camera the day of your session!

boudoir checklist


I'd love to hear from you - please use the form to send me your message and I'll be in touch within 48 business hours, or send me a message directly: Hello@CrystalLarsenBoudoir.com



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