We believe a boudoir session is not just a photoshoot. It should be an experience of self love and acceptance. These are not your mother's glamour shots! 


The Steps:

1. Show up
2. Get Sexy.
3. Play Dress up.
4. Take Amazing Photos.
5. Love Yourself!

    At Crystal Larsen Boudoir we consider every client a friend!! We guide your through the booking process, help you plan wardrobe and ease your fears before you ever step foot in front of the camera! We personally customize your shoot to your vision or help you come up with a shoot direction based on your questionnaire answers. By the time you arrive the day of your session we have a pretty good idea about you, your personality and your life, and we hope you feel the same about us! We have a very open, relaxed atmosphere and we are a judgment free zone!  

   After some girl talk time in the hair and makeup chair it is dress up time! We will help you put together amazing outfits with the things you bring and add in some of our studio pieced if needed!  You will feel like the supermodel you are before we even start shooting. This is one of those moments where you get to look in the mirror and say "Damn! I am hot!" because you are. Our mantra is "confident not conceited" you are absolutely allowed to feel amazing about yourself!! Remember going over to your friends house when you were 7 (and 13, and 16.. ok and maybe even 21) and playing dress up, and throwing clothes all over the room and before you knew it the room was a hot mess (but you looked amazing!) ? That is basically what we do here! Except... I don't dress up in my hottest lingerie to photograph you, I mean I'm not saying it hasn't happened... but its not the norm....

Once you are all beautifulsexy and glamorous it is time to start the shoot! You know, the reason you came! As if the hair and makeup and confidence boost wasn't enough already! I will pose and light you in the most flattering way for YOUR unique body. We will laugh, joke, talk, pout sexily, and you will forget that you are half (or more!) naked in front of the camera. I promise you! It will be the most fun naked you've ever had!!! Ok wait.... it will be up there at least


After we say goodbye to you for the day it doesn't end there! In 14-21 days we will meet up for your image reveal. You get to see all your completely retouched, magazine ready images that you worked so hard for! All the preperation and guts it took to come in and get in front of the camera will be worth it when you see those final images. We will "Oooh" and "Ahhh" and yes some tears have been shed when you see how beautiful, strong and sexy you are! Then we will choose your images for your album, wall art, billboard over your ex boyfriends house, and however else you would like to display all your hard work. In about 4 weeks your order will come in and you will have those images FOR LIFE! When you are 80 years old you can show your granddaughters  how amazing you are! These are images you will treasure forever!

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