Top 5 Bullshit Excuses Not to Book a Boudoir Session


I am calling your bluff! Yup, I am!

You can no longer use any of these reasons to not book the session you want so bad!

1. I need to lose 5, 10, 50, 100 pounds.

Back up. No the f*ck you do not.

Who said you can only do this once? Most of our clients come back again, and again, and again! It is so fun and empowering that they can’t NOT come back.

You can absolutely learn to love yourself right now just as much as you would if you were pounds lighter. If you are lacking in motivation to get healthier, use your shoot date as a “goal date,” but absolutely do not put your shoot off any longer because we can help you feel amazing right now!

2. I have nothing to wear.

We will take care of this for you!

Along with our full session prep guide you get at booking that will tell you exactly what to shop for and where to find it, we provide a full client closet with sizes ranging from XS-4X. We can absolutely dress you if you wardrobe shopping is overwhelming. We love to do it!

3. I don’t look like the models on your site/ I don’t know how to be sexy.

Guess what, sister? Not one woman on our site is a model. Not one.

We can make you see that you are just as stunning as all of our other clients! We will fully coach every single thing from head, to toes — even your expression. I will even get on the floor and show you exactly what I mean! You will look just as good and see yourself as the supermodel we see you as!

4. I have no one to give these images to/I don’t know what to do with them.

These images are for you!

A boudoir session is something you do for yourself. These images absolutely make an amazing gift for a partner, but the real gift if the gift you give yourself. Self-love. Acceptance. Confidence. Pride.

Your images are something you will look back on every day to remind yourself of what an amazing, strong woman you are. Hang that wall art as a constant reminder, look at your own album and see your beauty on days you might not see it in the mirror. These are for you.

5. I can’t afford it.

This one is not really a bullshit excuse, but I needed to throw it in here. We are a luxury studio and our prices reflect that. However, we truly believe every woman deserves to have this experience.

Invest in yourself and see the value behind what we provide. We offer amazing financing options and a pre-payment program which means you can book a year out, pay towards your session, and not have to worry about it when the time comes to choose your photos.

Ready to get started?

You deserve to have an amazing boudoir experience for yourself. If you have another reason, I’d love to talk about it with you!


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“I can’t even begin to express how amazing Crystal and her team are. My photos turned out better than words could ever describe. She is a wonderful coach during the process. Her customer closet is out of this world. She made me feel beautiful, sexy, and confident. I can’t wait to book my next shoot.”

Better than words can describe.


Crystal goes above and beyond to make you feel like a goddess during your shoot. Hair and makeup included by some of the best.
You are pampered, spoiled, loved, and respected.
She is so open and friendly and puts all your worries at ease!

You are pampered, spoiled, loved, and respected


Crystal and her team have created a safe space at the studio. From the very beginning you are welcomed and surrounded by positivity.
If you’re on the fence about booking, do it now! You will not regret the amazing experience. You will absolutely LOVE the magic that she brings out in you.

you will not regret this amazing experience

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