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Why Boudoir Photography?

Sometimes I find it hard to explain why I shoot boudoir photography. To me is so much more than photos. It’s about self-acceptance, body positivity and seeing yourself as art. It’s about getting glammed up and laughing your butt off. It’s about the transformation that takes place from the time you walk into my studio and the time you walk out the door. It is about feeling beautiful and I believe that is something every one deserves.

I started shooting boudoir photography because I saw the beauty in every woman I met. I believed I could show everyone what I saw via my camera. Women tell me they can’t look beautiful because they are too tall, too short, weigh too much, don’t weigh enough, have scars, or have stretch marks. I loved showing them the photos from their shoot and proving to them that they CAN feel beautiful. Seeing their reactions to their pictures changed me. From that moment on I knew I was aligned with my calling.

It was now my job to be a mirror for my clients. Not the mirror that the world shows you that shames you, but the one that sees past the imperfections. The one that shows you your sparkle.

The Transformation

The transformation that takes place in our studio is the best part of the entire experience. When a woman arrives to my studio, most of the time she is nervous, sometimes even visibly nervous. Shakey hands and voices, sweaty palms and faces are things I see all the time. Once they sit in our hair and makeup chair the transformation begins. They realize we are just their girl friends, ready to talk them through this, and they start to shed those signs of nerves and anxiousness.

The the shoot begins. The first series of photos is to get you warmed up. When I show my clients the back of the camera after the first few shots I usually hear “OH MY GOD, thats me? I can look like that?!” As we go into the next series and then the next the laughter and smiles come out. Then she starts to feel sexy. Then her look changes and you can tell it has clicked for her. This is the moment I live for.

By the time we finish the session and go into the reveal, we are best friends. We just shared an experience that they will always remember. We have laughed, maybe cried, and shared stories about our lives.

Once I show them their photos on the TV screen their jaws drop. They see themselves like they have never ever before. This is one of the amazing things about boudoir photography. I get the chance to see them how I see them, how their partners see them, and be their mirror. When they walk out the door their heads are held high and they can’t wait to tell all their friends about what they just did!

A Little Piece of My Story

Our clients always look up to me as their self love and confidence guru. But I haven’t always been so kind to myself. I grew up in southern California. Yup! Right down the street from the glitz of glamour of Hollywood around the certain type of “look” that was forced on us in the early 2000’s. They were everywhere and my pale skin and freckles did not fit that mold.

I became a teen mother and completely lost the battle of body acceptance until my divorce when I was 25. By that time in my life I had been shooting boudoir for a year and decided that I, and my daughters, deserved better. This is when I truly started to realize the impact boudoir has on a woman’s life. Being a boudoir photographer and seeing all the beauty and worth in others helped me to see it in myself as well.

Yup! That’s me at my most recent boudoir shoot!

As I started to think about how I wanted my daughters to view their self worth and confidence I had to look at the way I did it as well. Did I want them to see photos of me hiding my body, or even worse, not being in them at all? Or did I want them to remember me living my best life, being in all the photos with them and, when they were older, appreciating the way I was comfortable enough in my skin to view my body as art.

For me boudoir is a celebration of your body and who you are. I love being able to help women celebrate their bodies, their scars and what they have been through. Let me be your mirror and help you to love and be proud of yourself.

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“I can’t even begin to express how amazing Crystal and her team are. My photos turned out better than words could ever describe. She is a wonderful coach during the process. Her customer closet is out of this world. She made me feel beautiful, sexy, and confident. I can’t wait to book my next shoot.”

Better than words can describe.


Crystal goes above and beyond to make you feel like a goddess during your shoot. Hair and makeup included by some of the best.
You are pampered, spoiled, loved, and respected.
She is so open and friendly and puts all your worries at ease!

You are pampered, spoiled, loved, and respected


Crystal and her team have created a safe space at the studio. From the very beginning you are welcomed and surrounded by positivity.
If you’re on the fence about booking, do it now! You will not regret the amazing experience. You will absolutely LOVE the magic that she brings out in you.

you will not regret this amazing experience

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